I hold all tarot and oracle card readings in a sacred space. To begin, I say a prayer and I ground myself. I select a few crystals for each specific reading based on the intent.  I smudge the area with sage or palo santo and light a candle. I then select the deck that I feel is best for the reading. I only begin after I am thoroughly prepared. I believe each client deserves the very best I have to offer when they receive a tarot reading. I will never sacrifice the quality of a reading for any reason.

​I take my responsibility as a tarot reader very seriously. If I cannot establish a connection with you, I will end the reading and refund your money. You will not have to ask. Most of the time, however, spirit shows up and information will begin to flow.

I will not do readings on certain topics (like health or pregnancy), so be sure to check out my 
ethics and business policies before you book a reading. 

​If you want to research what kinds of readings I offer, click here.

I believe tarot is a sacred practice, and I conduct it accordingly.

​Hi, I'm Bethany. ​I wasn't born a tarot reader, but I was born with a strong interest in spirituality. I greatly wanted to serve others. If I weren't such a lover of wine and men, I probably could have been a nun.  

In my younger years I sought purpose in life and connection with the divine through active involvement with traditional religions.​ It was only when I began the work of regular meditation, prayer, and the consistent, deep study of the tarot that I was able to experience real connection with the divine.

Tarot helps me navigate the ups and downs of life. It enables me to better understand myself and the patterns that unfold before me. Tarot, combined with my strong will, has given me control in life and taught me to manifest what I want and need for my higher self.

My work as a tarot consultant allows me to use my formal training and extensive studies to empower others and share in the human experience with them.