All tarot readings are confidential.

I represent my skills and abilities as a tarot reader in all honesty. I am not only an intuitive reader, as I have spent countless hours learning to interpret tarot cards and hone my innate psychic abilities. I cannot read your mind and I cannot predict your future. I interpret the cards and offer whatever divine guidance they contain.

I am not a psychic medium, meaning I do not talk to the dead. If you are seeking the services of a medium, keep looking. 

I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.

I will read for you and for you alone. I will not use tarot to pry into someone else's life except for how it intersects with yours. "Stalking" someone through tarot is unethical and a misuse of this divine tool.

I will not read for anyone under the age of 18 without parental consent.

I will not read on topics involving health and/or pregnancy. Your best source of medical advice is your doctor. If something shows up in a general reading on these topics I will share the information, but do not expect me to read on questions like, “Will I recover from cancer?” or “Will I have a baby?”

Timing is the most difficult part of a reading. I can do specially-designed spreads to get a general idea on timing, but if you are looking for specific dates you may wish to consult a professional astrologer.

Regarding refunds... I want every client to be satisfied with the reading they receive. If you are completely unsatisfied with your reading, I will consider issuing a refund on a case-by-case basis. If I cannot establish a connection I will either issue a refund or reschedule for another day. 

Face-to-face and phone readings are by appointment only. Please give me at least 24 hours notice if you cannot make it. My time is valuable and I expect the same professional courtesy you would give your doctor or lawyer. 

If you do not show up for your appointment, you will forfeit your payment. If you have a phone reading I will call you at least twice at your scheduled time. If you do not answer, that constitutes a missed appointment. Please keep your appointment or give me notice that you wish to reschedule.

Face-to-face readings are only for clients who have an established relationship with me or that I know personally. No exceptions.

Disclaimer:  Tarot is in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling or any other type of therapy, or legal or medical advice. If your reading reveals that you may be in need of those services I will refer you to a professional who can best assist you.